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Russian Push Ups : Proper Form, Benefits, and It’s Common Mistakes

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Russian Push Ups – There are many types of push ups and in this list, we found another interesting push ups called Russian Push-Ups. This type of push ups is something unique. There are many steps in this push ups that make this push ups different from other types of push ups.

In this article, you read about –

  • How to do Russian Push-ups?
  • Common Mistakes During Russian Push-ups
  • Benefits of Doing Russian Push-Ups

In Russian Push-ups you do not need any type of extra equipment. You only need a plain surface to perform this exercise.

Russian Push Ups Steps


Step 1:- First come in the simple Push-ups position.

Russian Push Ups - Step 1

Step 2:- Lower Down your chest by bending your arms, Until chest is slightly above the ground.

Russian Push Ups - Step 2

Step 3:- Then push your body backward onto the forearm with the shoulder on top of the elbow.

Russian Push Ups - Step 3

Step 4:- By using the leg force/ankles Shift back to a low push-up position.

Russian Push Ups - Step 4

Step 5:- Then, with the arms straightened, lift your chest up and return to the original push-up position. Repeat this for more repetitions without rest.

Russian Push Ups - Step 5

These are the best and easiest ways of doing Russian Push-Ups. In the beginning stage, you may face problems in balancing your body. In the case of the sets and repetitions, you should arrange according to your needs and capacity. In the beginning stage, you should set small targets, and then with the increase of the level, you should also increase your Push-ups target.

This push-ups is something complicated from the other types of push-ups So you can make more mistakes in this, than the other push-ups.

Overall Video


Mistakes During Russian Push ups

1. Raising Hips

During Push-ups, There are many people who lift his back while pushing backward his body. This mistake severely effects on your lower back and shoulder muscles.

#Resolving Way – You should keep you Back straight during the whole workout. There is not any step in the whole Russian push-ups, where you need to bend your back.


Mistakes of Russain Push Ups


2. Putting Elbows

While pushing back his body, there are many people who place their neck on the floor for support. There are many two side effects of this mistake are – First is, You may cause elbow joints pain problem. And you may not take all benefits of the workout because for the proper pressure on the biceps and core you should keep your elbow in the air.

#Resolving Way – At the end of step 3 of Russian push-ups, you should keep your both elbows slightly above the ground. In the beginning stage, you need to do lot of efforts for resolving this mistake.

Mistakes During Russian Push ups - 2


3. Not Using Smooth Surface under Feet

For coming in the low push-ups position, there are many people who not use a smooth surface under feet. By which they need to apply unnecessary force to forward his body. This mistake severely affects your core and upper body joints.

#Resolving Way – In this type of push-ups, you should choose a smooth surface under the feet, If you have not any type of smooth surface then you can place the slippery mat under the feet.

Mistakes During Russian Push ups - 3


These are the common mistakes that 80 percent of beginners do during Russian Push ups. During push-ups workout, you should keep all these mistakes in your mind and try not to do so.


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Benefits of Doing Russian Push-ups

Push-ups is a great exercise, So there is no doubt that you can gain lots of benefits of doing push-ups but for the Russian push-ups you perform some extra steps than the simple push-ups. With extra steps, you gain extra benefits. And here you will get the details of that extra benefits which you gain from the Russian push ups.

1. Great Core

During Russian push-ups workout, you can easily feel the pressure on the core. Over 80 percent types of push-ups target your core but this type of push-ups do big for your core. If you want to train your core with push-ups then you can go with this workout.

2. Train You Forearms & Biceps

During this exercise, you push back your body onto the forearms. This movement helps to train your forearms muscles majorly. You perform 2 more steps in Russian push ups than the simple push-ups and the strength consumption of biceps in the Russian push ups is more than the simple push-ups. That’s a reason you can more train your biceps through Russian Push ups.

3. Balancing Power

Doing this exercise regularly helps you to increase balancing power. In step 3 and Step 4, you need body strength and balancing power to perform.

4. Agility

In other types of push-ups, you can also gain this benefit but from Russian push ups, you can gain this benefit fastly and most effectively. If you want to become sportsmen in any field or any goals then agility of body matters too much. And for the upper body agility, Russian push ups workout is very good exercise.

5. Impressive

There are majority of people who did not know about this exercise. Those who know, They do not know the proper way to perform. And if you will perform this exercise very well then it also gives a good impression on others.


These are the benefits of the Russian push-ups that make it too different than the simple push-ups. By doing Russain push-ups in a regular schedule you can easily gain all these benefits.


Final Words

The main motive of this exercise is, how to control bodyweight for more complicated movement patterns like a muscle-up. For the results, you should also focus on the diet and rest schedule. The strength consumption of this push-ups is very high, So arrange this exercise in the schedule very carefully.

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