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Secrets To Have A Younger Heart – The human heart is an organ that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. Every second, the heart continuously performs two actions. It pumps pure oxygen-rich blood to the different parts of the body and gathers impure oxygen-deficient blood from the body and sends the blood to the lungs for purification.


Sounds simple, but the heart is a complex organ having four chambers with millions of arteries and veins throughout the body to aid with the pumping action. Sometimes, the heart develops various diseases like a heart attack or cholesterol. To get a professional medical diagnosis or surgery, one should visit the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore.

There are various factors that affect the functioning of this small but extremely vital human organ, like age, genes, environmental conditions, food intake and even mental issues like stress and anxiety.

To help with the long life and health of the heart, one can follow some simple steps and tricks, and enjoy staying young for a longer time than average.



Some basic things to keep in mind and follow in everyday life to ensure good heart health and also avoid being affected by ailments of the heart are:

1. SALT AND SUGAR: Even though consumption of salt and sugar is essential for our lives, sugar provides the most basic source of energy and salt provides us with important ions that are good for our brain health. If the intake is too high, cutting down on them is the most simple step to ensure the good health of one’s heart.

2. NO TO FATS: The heart is a blood-pumping organ. One can also imagine it to a motor which runs to produce mechanical energy. The pumping action of the heart is a natural process which involves a lot of fundamentals of physics like valves and pressure. Blood pressure is related to the force by which our heart pumps blood to various organs of the body.

The fats that we eat have a tendency to get settled in the parts of the heart and sometimes in the main arteries and veins. This may create blockages and make it harder for the heart to pump blood, eventually leading to a heart attack or complete heart failure. In such extreme cases, one must visit the best heart surgery hospitals in Bangalore or other cities to get an expert opinion about their specific condition.


Eating less saturated fats and avoiding them is one way to ensure that our heart remains well and healthy.


3. FISH VS MEAT: Some meats have unhealthy fats that get deposited on the linings of the arteries and veins, causing heart attacks over time. If you are a person who cannot go without eating meat, then it is a better idea to switch to seafood, especially fish. Not only do fish have less harmful fats, but they also have a high content of omega 3, that is known to lower the cholesterol levels.

4. EAT MORE GREENS: It is always better to switch to vegetarian options altogether when it comes to ensuring the good health of one’s body and the heart. They are easy to digest and provide the essential fibres which are low in fat content.

5. SAY NO TO ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO: According to modern research, one of the main causes of heart failure can be excess of alcohol or tobacco consumption in daily life. Even though these substances are very addictive, one must make sure and try to avoid them as they tend to intoxicate the body and degrade one’s health and well being. Not only do they affect the physical health but also the mental health and happiness quotient of one’s life and the people around them.

6. PHYSICAL EXERCISE: If you want to stay fit, it is important to keep the body in motion and not let it become lethargic. Many youngsters these days sit in front of their laptops and mobile phones for hours which causes the body to be restricted in motion and also affects the health of the vital organs. Following a disciplined schedule of working out every day can help to ensure that the heart and bones remain healthy for long.

7. MANAGE THE BODY WEIGHT: If one has more mass in the body, the heart needs to pump blood with more pressure which can cause the heart to become weaker with time. The body weight must be checked regularly and reduce if one is overweight or obese.

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