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Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss Secret(Diet) 12 Kg – Without Gym & Workout

Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss - Healthcare Blog

Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss – After Lockdown there is a person which came again in the Gossips is Shehnaaz Gill. During the lockdown, she entertained us heavily through BigBoss, and after the lockdown, she showed us a real change by losing 12kg. In Lockdown after completing Big Boss When she was spending time at home, then decided to lose weight by only follow the diet. Determination and a strict diet made it possible. There is no doubt that this is an amazing and very inspirational story for those who want to lose weight. If you are one of them then you are in the right place, Here I will explain you to the full weight loss plan of Shehnaaz gill and how this is possible?

After weight loss, She said in an Interview (Hindi Words)”Kuch logon ne mere weight ka mazak udaya tha Bigg Boss 13 mein. Kai log weight lose karte hain, maine socha chalo logon ko dikhati hoon ki main bhi patli ho sakti hoon” And this type of dedication and hard work really makes him a Good Actress and model.


Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss (Transformation)

1. Taking Calorie Deficit Diet

She used to follow a calorie deficit diet. She hardly eats 3-4 things in the whole day’s diet. In short, a calorie deficit diet means eating foods that meet your daily Marco nutritional needs and provide very few calories.

How You Can Make Calorie Deficit Diet Plan?

Before making a diet plan, first of all analyze your diet schedule and calculate how many calories you are consuming daily.

Then choose foods that are giving your body high calories and then replace them with low calorie food. In substitution, you’ll take care of macronutrients.

If you don’t know the calorie details of any food then you can check this table:-

Shehnaaz Calorie Meter & Diet Plan


2. Ignoring Sugar, Junk Food, and Fatty Products

She was completely banned Sugar, Junk Food, cakes, chocolates, and fatty products from the diet. She only “Eat to Live”.

She loves cakes and chocolates but completely ignored such food during her weight loss diet. And this type of dedication towards the goal is something you should learn from Shehnaaz.


3. Check, Note, and Improve

His weight does not decrease Drastically. There are many people who want to lose weight instantly means 7-10 kg in a month. This drastic weight loss may cause many skin problems like skin dullness, wrinkles, new spots, and weakness, On the other hand, if you will lose weight in a continuous manner (like 2 kg every month), then you will not face any type of side effect of weight loss. In addition, the beauty of the Skin also increases.


She didn’t lose weight suddenly. She followed such an Amazing Diet plan by which she lost only half a Kilogram of weight in a week. And If she loses weight more than OR less than Half Kilogram in a week then, In that case, she does changes to her diet plan.

Before starting the weight loss program her weight was 67Kg and after the weight loss program( 6 Months) her weight came to 55Kg. By following the diet schedule, he lost 12 kg. The basic rule of healthy weight loss is a deficit of about 400-500 calories per day.


Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss Diet Plan

In short, She only ate those foods in which the calorie intake is very low and the amount of macronutrients is good. The main objective of Shahnaz Gill’s daily diet plan was to meet the daily requirement of macronutrients(Protein, Carbohydrates, Healthy Fat) with the lowest calorie intake.

Low Calories, High Macro Nutrients Foods Examples are –


  • Broccoli (34 cal)
  • Cauliflower (25 cal)
  • Brussel Sprouts (43 cal)
  • 4-5 Pieces of Cabbage (25 cal)
  • Bell Peppers (20 cal)
  • Carrots (41 cal)
  • 1 Tomato (18 cal)


  • Egg whites (52 cal)
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt (59 cal)
  • Nonfat cottage cheese (72 cal)
  • Vegetables & Fruits Juice
  • Boiled Chicken
  • Cooked Oatmeal (68 cal)
  • Boiled Potato (77 cal)

Fruits & Lunch

  • Watermelon (30 cal)
  • Melon (34 cal)
  • Grapefruit (42 cal)
  • Oranges (47 cal)
  • Boiled Vegetables + Rice
  • Boiled Chicken + Rice
  • Salad
  • Protein Shake

And Here I would appreciate her Because following this type of Diet Plan is not easy. And another technique that she was used  “Mann Marke Khana“. If She was hungry for two rotis, She ate only one. According to fitness experts, this technique works very effectively.


Shehnaaz Gill Transformation - healthcare Blog


4. Strict Towards Diet

She was very strict and disciplined towards diet, And this type of dedication and discipline is enough to complete any type of body transformation. Staying dedicated and motivated throughout the journey is not an easy task, but Shehnaaz did it.

After knowing these facts about Shehnaaz Gill, I have become a huge fan of her. In short, she is a good inspiration for many women who want to lose weight. It is such a wonderful story not only for women, but for the fitness industry as well.

Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss QNA


QuestionDid She use steroids for weight loss?

Answer – No she did not use any type of steroid for weight loss. Her transformation was completely natural and it is very easy to lose 2 kgs per month if you have a genuine diet plan and routine.

QuestionCan Beginners Use this Diet plan for Weight Loss?

Answer – Yes, Beginners can also use this diet plan for their own weight loss. This diet plan is very beginner-friendly.


Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss Secrets



Shehnaaz Gill Old Pics Vs New Pics Post Weight Loss


Shehnaaz Gill Transformation Picture - Healthcare Blog



Shehnaaz Gill Transformation Images


Shehnaaz Gill Transformation Photos

Final Words

There is no doubt that Shehnaaz’s transformation is really very inspiring. There is not any type of tonic that she ate and lose weight in 1-2 weeks. She followed a hard diet plan with complete discipline for 6-7 months.

After that, If you have any questions regarding the Shehnaaz gill transformation and want any personalized advice related to health and fitness then you can comment below your query or contact us without any hesitation. I will personally help to resolve your every issue. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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