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How To Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic?

Stay Mentally Healthy During LockdownPandemic - Healthcare Blog

Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic – Coronavirus, Mental health, and children are very co-related at the time of the pandemic. In the starting of the lockdown, people think that it is very easy to stay home during the lockdown. Due to the long term of the lockdown, the family gets disturbing. According to the report the divorce cases and fighting cases between family members increased by 60 percent. These all fightings are the results of bad mental health.

In starting I feel that lockdown will improve the family bondings but this is not happening right now. After watching lots of burn out moments between the parents, children’s and between the teachers, Healthcare blog realizes that we should write an article on the ways of improving mental health and decrease these burnouts. All these ways and tricks mentioned in this article, As a parent I also tried this and gained results.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic

1. Spend Time With Grandparents

As an Indian, we are very fortunate that most of the Indian families live with Grandparents. Before lockdown children hardly see the grandparents because of the lock of time. But now this is possible the relationship between the children and grandparents is very lovely. Both grandparents and children are talking to each other with very cold mind.

That’s the reason If you have grandparents then you should spend time with us. If your grandparents live in another city/state then you can contact with social media platforms. If you are a grandparent then you should share old photos(children love to see his parents as babies), Stories, his parent’s nature, and funny jokes. These things create positive vibes in children’s minds. Watching your own children happy you also feel great. This collab will really help to improve all member’s mental health.

Stay Mentally Healthy During LockdownPandemic

2. A Dance Party

According to healthcare blog, this is one the best way to improve mental strength and keep your mind calm. Dance is that exercise in which refreshes your body completely. If you are a parent then you should dance with your children. Dance is also a type of exercise which helps you to keep fit, that a reason once in 2-3 days you should do dance party with all family members.

Dancing Relaxes your mind and you will automatically find the improvement in mental health.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown - Party HOme

3. Dedicated Spot For the Children

In a house every child has a favorite place. If you are a parent then you should spend some time with children at his favorite place. Constantly doing this will Improves the bonding between the children and parents. Please keep your children away from the screen. More use of screens directly affects the mental health of the children and bad mental health of children also affects his parents also. Try that they majorly involve in physical activities.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown - Children playing

4. Respect Work Of Others

In the lockdown, there are some people in the family member who are always working for you like mother and father. For improving the relationship and decreases the burnouts you should need to respect the work of each other. Respect generates positive vibes in the mind that help you to improve your mental health.

5. Ignore Small Things

The reason behind the 80 percent of burn out is that people make small issues big. Spending too much time with anyone makes relationships a bit boring and at that point if you start fighting over every small thing, there is a lot of chance of breaking up the relation. You should ignore small things to prevent any big fight. If you constantly ignoring small things then you will find that the fight and burn out graph decreases by 80 percent.

6. Yoga & Exercise

For Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic, you should do some exercises/yoga at home. In the yoga list, there are many poses that affect your mind only. So, in the morning time, you should do Yoga + exercise for good mental & Physical health.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Pandemic - Yoga & Exercise

7. Diet

In the lockdown period, you should take only light and healthy food. At the time of pandemic, you should ignore Junk and oily foods. There are many cases in India, In which people got infected from the coronavirus due to outside food.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown - Diet

8. Full Sleep

Sleep directly linked to your mind. Those people who take less sleep become very disturbing nature and spending with those people you definitely find that his nature is very jealous. In the lockdown period you have lot of time, so you should take proper sleep. For the good mental health you should take 8-10 hours of sleep.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Pandemic - Full Sleep

9. Fun With Family

For improving mental health you should a good time with the family. Collectively watch movies and play indoor games. You can organize dance and cooking competitions for the family members only. If you are a parent then show and share old memories with the children and family. If you continue following this you surely found increment in the mental health and family bondings.

Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown - Fun With Family

Final Words

All Best Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic are mentioned here. All these ways are suggested by the experts. After the suggestion, healthcare blog members tried these ways and they found good results from these ways. Healthcare blog wishes you that you Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article(Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown/Pandemic).

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