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The Test Reports of Thyrocare – Healthcare Blog

Test Reports of Thyrocare - Healthcare Blog

Test Reports of Thyrocare – Thyrocare is one of the leading diagnostic and preventive care facilities in India. It was built in 1996 to provide affordable yet high-quality diagnostic services to hospitals and laboratories across the country. By looking at the thyrocare test price list, you can get an assurance that healthcare services will not put a dent in your pocket.


There are over a thousand thyrocare branches in the country. They provide packages for full-body checkups to help doctors diagnose illnesses and possible health conditions. But due to its low prices, some people are concerned about the accuracy of the results from thyrocare laboratories. Find out if you can trust the lab tests handled by this diagnostic testing facility.


How Thyrocare Works?

Thyrocare’s main operation for esoteric tests is handled by a Centralized Processing Laboratory located in Mumbai, while a Regional Processing Laboratory takes care of the tests conducted in other Indian cities and other countries in Asia. The process of thyrocare tests begins when you get an appointment 48 hours before your intended date. Staff will let you know if the test you need to do requires a 10 to 12-hour fasting before collecting your sample. The staff will also provide other pertinent information like which food or drinks to avoid before the schedule.


After sending the reports to the laboratory, you may have to wait 24 to 72 hours after the sample collection to get a soft copy of your results. The company may require you to pay extra if you need a hard copy of the results. The company will send you the hard copy in three to five working days.


How Thyrocare Managed To Offer Affordable Services?

Some people would contest that the items on the thyrocare test price list are not exactly “low cost.” But most people can still describe the price of the company’s services as “reasonable.” The healthcare facility aims to provide high-quality services, so they always make it a point to reduce their price range to serve more people in India.


Thyrocare provides health checkup packages for a minimum price without leaving out all the important tests. They also offer home sample collection services at no extra charge. This service is not available in other diagnostic laboratory facilities. The company can reduce its price range because it owns all its automated laboratories. It means they no longer need to pay a third-party service provider for the lab tests. They also invested their capital in advanced technologies that provide error-free results. It lessens the need to pay for manpower for verification.

Test Reports of Thyrocare - Healthcare Blog


Are Thyrocare Results Reliable?

The company was able to get certifications from the top accreditation facilities in India. It includes the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality. It also has the Grade A by CRISIL certification due to its exceptionally good quality services.

Hospitals and clinics also rely on Thyrocare services due to its accurate test results with the fastest turnaround time. The company managed to provide highly accurate results due to its dynamic and smart automation. It also invested in India’s first automation track from Siemens, called APTIO, which is also the longest automation track in the world.

Also, samples reach thyrocare’s dedicated laboratories within 12 to 48 hours since its collection. Even if the samples came from different areas of the country, the patients must not worry about the quality of test results because they comply with the triple packaging system under the WHO-IATA guidelines. It means that the specimens are placed in a barcoded vial, then carried on a thermocol box with frozen packs to keep the sample fresh and a sturdy outer cardboard box as its coverage while in transit.

The company also vows to comply with high-quality, world-class standards to ensure the accuracy and safety of its reports all the time.

Other Benefits To Getting Laboratory Services From Thyrocare

Aside from affordable and accurate services, the company can assure that the test results will not get mixed with other patients despite the numerous samples that they gather every day. Thyrocare uses barcoding on each sample that is sent to the laboratory.

The unique barcodes allow the automated analyzers to look into the sample, determine which tests to perform, and send back the results after processing. This system eliminates the chances of human errors in sending test reports to hospitals and healthcare facilities to allow medical experts to treat their patients accordingly. As a result, all patients who invested in comprehensive body checkup packages from thyrocare can get an assurance that their tests are accurate and reliable at all times.

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