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15 Plank Variations For Beginners With Proper Detailed Steps & Pictures

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Types Of Planks – Plank is one of the best exercises for the core. It is that exercise that you can do it anywhere In this, you do not need any specific equipment. The positive point of this exercise is that it has many variations that you can do it very easily at home. And Here you will find amazing Plank Variations with full description and pictures. Through these Plank variations, you can achieve every Core Fitness Goal.


” Take your STRONG CORE training to the next level with these 15 Amazing Plank Variation Exercises. If you want to radically transform your midsection you have to read the entire article and follow instructions.”


Different Types Of Planks

1. Simple Plank

This is also called a standard, simple and basic plank. In this type of plank you should follow these steps:-

Simple Plank Steps 

Different Types Of Planks - Elbow Plank

2. Elbow Knee Plank

This plank is a little different from a simple elbow plank. The Steps of Elbow Knee Plank are –

  • First, come in a simple plank position.
  • Then touch your knee to the floor.
  • And keep your face straight when your knee touches the floor.
  • Then upward your knee after the hold of some time.

This is also called Beginner Plank Type. It is basically designed for those who are learning to do Plank.


Different Types Of Plank Exercise - Elbow Knee Plank


3. V Shape Plank

In this plank, your body will come in the opposite V shape. Steps of Doing V Shape Plank are –

  • First, you should come to a standard plank position.
  • Start to bend your body upward.
  • Lift your hips in the upward direction till the body comes in the V shape.
  • Then keep hold of a second in v band-shaped plank according to your capacity.

This Plank type gives the best results to your shoulders and core. In the beginning stage, you can take the help of another person for the perfect pose of the exercise.

V Shape Plank - Types Of Planks

4. Straight Arm Plank

Steps of Doing Straight Arm Plank are –

  • First, sit down on the four hands and legs.
  • Then straighten your both arms and legs.
  • Form a straight line with your body. Keep your legs straight but don’t lock the knees to hyperextension.
  • Keep your pelvis neutral so your butt don’t stick out. Neutralize the spine and neck. Keep your head in a line with your back.

In this workout the major load on your shoulders and core. I helps to strengthen your shoulders, balancing capacity, core strength.

Straight Arm Plank - Types Of Planks


5. Major Knee Plank

There are many GYM trainers who claims that this is a “Beginner Level of Straight Arm Plank”, But this is not true. The working of Both Planks are too different. So the Steps of Doing Major Knee Plank are –

  • First, come in the Straight Arm plank position.
  • Then keep your both knees on the floor and lift your toes above.
  • Straighten your back and tighten your core.
  • And then hold your body at this position according to your capacity.

Different Types Of Plank Exercise - Major Knee Plank

6. One Leg Plank

This type of plank is too much different from others. The Basic steps of doing One Leg Plank are –

  • First, come in the simple plank position.
  • Then raise your right leg in that air. Keep your body balanced during whole workout.
  • In another set, you must raise your left leg in the air and keep the right leg on the floor.
  • For making this exercise more explosive you can also raise your one hand in the air(Mentioned in the picture below).

When you come in plank position the pressure on the core increases many times. And this pressure is too good for your core. You may also feel temporary core pain after a workout in the early stages of the plank, but you can ignore that pain.


One leg one arm plank - Plank Types


7. Side Plank

One of the most famous Plank variations. The working way of this plank exercise is really unique and more beneficial. Steps of Doing Side Plank are –

  • Lie on one side with the upper foot stacked right on top of the lower foot.
  • Place your elbow directly in line under your shoulder
  • Lift your hips so that they form a straight line from feet, between your legs, through the groin, and straight up through the middle of your neck.
  • Maintain a straight spinal alignment both horizontally and vertically.
  • Do not let your hips or shoulders tip forward or back. Keep them aligned with the top side of the hip directly over the other hip.
  • Hold Your Body at this position according to your capacity.

It helps you to reduce the extra side Belly Fat of the body. It does not put pressure on your lower back or neck as many Plank exercises do. It primarily targeted obliques, along with the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus, Shoulder stabilizers.



Plank Variations - Side Plank



8. Hands Motion Plank

Steps of Doing Hands Motion Plank are:-

  • First, come in the Simple Plank position.
  • Take one hand, followed by the other, and push yourself up to full plank position.

  • Return back to the half plank position, one arm at a time.

  • Hold your body in a very straight line keeping your abs and glutes contracted throughout.

  • And Then repeat for more repetitions.

In this exercise, you would cover two types of planks. First, you come in the simple Plank position and then come into the Straight arm plank position.


Hands Motion Plank - Healthcare Blog


9. One Arm Plank

Steps of Doing One Arm plank are:-

  • First, come in the Straight Arm plank position.
  • After keeping hold of some time in this plank position.
  • Raise your one arm in the air(You can raise your one arm in any direction).
  • And hold your body in one arm position for some time.

The most difficult part of this plank is when the body comes on one arm and you feel the next level of pressure on the core. It Primarily targets your core and shoulders.

Types Of Planks - One Arm Plank


10. Table Plank

In this Plank Type, you will need an Inclined surface, As a inclined surface, you can take a ball or any other object like a table chair, etc. Steps of Doing Table Plank are –

  • First place any type of table, big ball near the legs.
  • Then place both legs on the table or ball.
  • After placing, Keep both hands like a major plank position on the floor.
  • Hold your body at this position, As much You can.


Types of Planks - Table Plank


11. Elbow Plank With Table

In this Plank Type, you will need an Inclined surface, As a inclined surface, you can take a ball or any other object like a table chair, etc. Steps of Doing Elbow Plank With Table are –

  • Put both elbows on the table and your legs on the floor.
  • The position of elbows is just like that are in a simple plank.
  • After this keep your back straight and hold your body at this position.


Different Types Of Plank - Elbow Plank With Table


12. Shoulder Plank

Steps of Doing Shoulder Plank are-

  • First, come in a simple plank position.
  • Then little upward your hips in the air.
  • And then a little bit expand your hands from the shoulders.
  • Hold your body at this position according to your capacity.

This Plank type primarily targets your core and shoulders muscles.

Different Types Of Planks Exercise - Shoulder Plank

13. Long Lever Plank

This is the hardest Plank Type from the list. Steps of doing long lever plank are:-

  • First, come in push-ups position.
  • Then joined your both legs to each other and tighten your core.
  • After this, keeping your palm position in the same place and start to backward your both legs till your body come in a long lever plank position
  • Then hold your body at this position according to your capacity. If you want to see long lever plank position practically then you can see this picture below.

Note – 90 percent of the people do these mistakes during long-lever plank:-

  • Your back position:– Generally people do this mistake and then they facing back injury. So best for you is that keep your complete back straight.
  • Your neck position:- In long lever plank, your neck should be downward during the whole Long-lever plank workout.

Types of Plank exercise - Long Lever Plank

Long Lever Plank – Perfect Way To Do, Benefits, Results


14. Feet Elevated Plank

For doing feet elevated plank workout you should need an elevated surface(small Height table, stool, A box). The perfect steps of doing feet elevated plank are:-

  •  Come near any elevated surface and sit down on your knees and elbows. Joins your both hands together
  • Then put your both legs on the elevated surface one by one.
  • After this straighten your back and tighten your core. After this step 4 hold your body at this position as possible as you can. Watch all steps practically by this picture.


Feet Elevated Plank - Types of plank

Feet Elevated Plank – Perfect Steps, Benefits, Results


15. Caterpillar plank

Steps of doing caterpillar plank are:-

  • First, come in the push-ups or straight arm plank position.
  •  Keeping your hips in line with shoulders, draw right knee in toward chest.
  • Then back your leg in the plank position.
  • And then Repeat on the left side. Then walk hands back toward feet and roll up to stand.

Note – This is also a cardio exercise for the core. It is also known as Side fat cutter.

Catterpillar Plank - Types Of Planks


Top 5 Plank Types From This List

Here you get 15 Plank variations. And it is not possible to cover all 15 planks in every plank workout. So I will tell you top 5 plank, through which you can make your best plank workout schedule. These planks are the top rated planks by 2000+ gym trainers.

  • Simple Plank
  • Long Lever Plank
  • Side Plank
  • One Leg Plank
  • Straight Arm Plank

These are the top 5 planks of the following list of planks. Every plank has a different role and different benefits but these 5 types of plank covers 90 percent benefits of Plank workout.

Why You Should Perform Plank Variations?

There are many reasons for doing plank and its types are:-

  1. Great Core Strength
  2. No Other Workout Needed
  3. Full Body Workout
  4. Results:- The result of doing these types of the plank is really awesome and too much attractive. If you want to study those results then you should read:- Results of planking daily
  5. Good Stamina
  6. Fat Reduction
  7. New Experience
  8. Body Endurance Increases
  9. Side Fat Decreases
  10. Upper Body Shape Improves

Results Of Planking – Plank Before And After 

Final Words

These are the Best Plank Variations List with full description and Pictures. If you are in the Beginning Stage you can do every Plank Type for 10-30 Seconds and In Mediate Level = 30-50 seconds and In the Advanced Level = 2-3 Minutes. You should also take care of diet and rest schedule for good energy level during workout and for results. I hope these Plank Variations will be helpful for you. Thanks For Reading.

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