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Vidyut Jamwal Body – Workout Schedule At Home Or Gym & Diet Plan

Vidyut Jamwal Workout – Vidyut Jamwal is one of the finest actor of the Bollywood Industry. There are many few actors in Bollywood who popular among the youth for the body and amazing acting both and there is no doubt that Vidyut Jamwal is one of them. His body attracts and motivates many youths. There are many people who want to make their body like the Vidyut Jamwal. If you are also one of those people who want to make their body attractive like Vidyut Jamwal, then from here you will definitely get all the tips and tricks for making such a body.

Here I am not going to tell you the my any tips and tricks rather I will tell you the personal workout and diet schedule of the Vidyut Jamwal. If you also follow this amazing schedule then you can surely gain body fitness like Vidyut Jamwal. Before the workout schedule, you must know the current body measurements of the Vidyut Jamwal.

Vidyut Jamwal Body Measurements

Vidyut Jamwal Height5’11” (180 cm)
Vidyut Jamwal Weight154-158 lbs (72-78 kg)
Vidyut Jamwal Chest42”-45”

These are the common Physical Measurements of the Vidyut Jamwal. He keeps changing his body measurements according to the upcoming projects. But if you want to make body like Vidyut Jamwal then you can follow these measurements.

Some Interesting FAQ

Question – Does Vidyut Jammwal smoke or Drink Alcohol?

Answer – No

Question – Does Vidyut Jamwal is Vegetarian?

Answer – Were, is not now


Vidyut Jamwal Workout

First, discuss the Gym workout plan that he follows. He only trains his body only 4 days a week.

Monday- Vidyut Jamwal Back and Biceps Workout

  • Cable row
  • T-bar row
  • EZ-bar curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Reverse barbell curls
  • Chin-ups & Pull-Ups
  • Pushups & Its Types (He Generally Does Advanced Level Push Ups)

Tuesday- Vidyut Jamwal Chest, and Triceps Workout

  • Barbell bench press
  • Dumbell Flies
  • Incline bench press
  • Rope push-downs
  • Cable flies
  • Skull crushers
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Triceps kickbacks

Wednesday- Vidyut Jamwal Legs Workout

  • 20 minutes Run on the treadmill
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Dumbbell reverse lunges
  • Stiff leg deadlifts
  • Barbell Squats
  • Hurdle Jumping
  • Leg Balancing Workouts

Thursday- Vidyut Jamwal Shoulders Workout

He loves to train the shoulder muscles, which is why on the 4th day he only trains the shoulder muscles. In shoulder workout he generally does

  • Shrugs
  • Dumbbell side lateral raise
  • Dumbbell front lateral raise
  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Upright row

Vidyut Jamwal Workout.

This is the workout schedule of the Vidyut Jamwal, There are many websites and Youtube Channels which also mentioned Sets and repetitions. But this data is not actual. He keeps changing his sets and repetitions according to upcoming goals.

This is that workout schedule that he follows to train his body in the gym, But with a gym workout, he also does Martial Arts and some hardcore exercises. So let discuss about those extra exercises.

1. Push-Ups

In a Recent Interview, he reveals that he once did 460 push-ups in one Set and his next target is to do 500 push-ups in one set. From this, you can easily examine his strength and hard work. This is the target of a simple type of push-up. With this, there are many advanced level push-ups that he generally performs.

Vidyut Jamwal Workout - Push Ups

2. Handstand Push-Ups

In the free time, he loves to do handstand or handstand push-ups workout. He also tweeted handstand workout in a funny way.


3. Martial Arts

And last one if the Martial Arts. One practice that is hidden in the workout list is martial arts. He likes to do martial arts. Due to this hard work, he is able to perform terrific stunts on-screen. Due to his amazing Martial Arts practice, Stunts he came in the top six martial artists across the world and he is the only Indian to have featured in the prestigious list curated by Looper.

There is no doubt that the journey of training is difficult but totally worth it. If you want to make the body like the Vidyut Jamwal then, you can follow this workout schedule.


Vidyut Jamwal Diet Schedule

He keeps changing his meal from time to time. Telling all diets is not possible. I will tell you the core diet schedule of the Vidyut Jamwal. He takes 6 meals in a day.

Before GymA bowl of muesli
After GymA protein shake

(He Mostly Consume Protein In the form of Shakes)

At breakfastIdlis And Other South India Food
At lunchDal, veggies, and roti (Or Any Regular Food)
At evening snack1 plate upma or juices,
At dinnerRoti and veggies

The main that surprised me that he is not too disciplined towards his diet. In my point of view, this diet plan is normal diet of any bodybuilder. If you want to follow any actor’s diet plan then you choose tiger shroff, Hrithik Roshan diet plan that is too amazing.

Vidyut Jamwal Diet


Vidyut Jamwal Personal Tips & Tricks

  • Follow Diet and Workout Schedule in the Proper Way
  • Try to do Your Best on Every Workout Day.
  • For Good Results, also focus on the Bodyweight Workouts


Final Words

With his workout plan his body also amazing. If you want to make your body like Vidyut Janwal then you also need to do work like him. His body is not a result of 1-2 years of hard work. He has been exercising for 10–12 years and this time is too big for any goal.

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