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Fitnees Industry In Danger – Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown - Healthcare Blog

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown – Coronavirus not only effects your body but is also effects darkly to our business. In the corona pandemic there is not count that how many types of business going to shut down. In all over the world coronavirus also creates a big emergency for businesses. Around 200+ countries economies getting down due to this pandemic. There are many countries that announced lockdown for stop the spreading of the coronavirus. And due to this lockdown all physical business came in the door of shutting down. And the biggest fear that people get scared that there is not fixed that when this lockdown gets over.

There are many types of industries that going came in the door of shutting down and one of the biggest Industries from the list GYM industry. Countries like India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK have implemented the world’s largest and most restrictive mass quarantines. All over, 70 percent business of the Gym industry depends on these countries.

Due to this lockdown all gym, supplements, and sports equipment shops completely closed. In this, today’s situation government announced that he opens some business but no one cares about the GYM industry.  Over 4-5 crore people lifestyle completely depends on the GYM Industry only. In India over 10-12 lakhs people income source completely depends on the gym. And the major thing that feels sad for the fitness industry people is that the government did not give any sympathy and support to this industry people.

The main trouble that comes in the front of the gym owners that around 40 percent gym is opened by taking a loan from the bank. And In lockdown gym owner’s income got down to zero that reason currently gym owners not paying any single amount to the trainers. And Bank forcing him to pay the installment.

Due to these problems, many gym owners start selling gyms (machines + equipment). Presently the condition of the Gym industry has fallen to such a level that the people of the industry are not able to provide proper food to the family. This is the current situation of the Fitness/Gym industry in the coronavirus lockdown. I am also part of the fitness Industry.

For recovering this situation government should focus on the Gym Industry. After discussing many fitness expert friends and a lot of research, my team discovered ways through which you can start a gym without spread coronavirus in the lockdown period. You find the good Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown.

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown

1. Fewer People Allowed

The main and best way to prevent from the coronavirus is social distancing. And in the gym social distancing also possible. Generally, a gym in the metro cities is in 1000-2500 sq yard. If you allow 8-10 members on the gym at once then it follows all rules of the social distancing. And in the gym, gym trainers personally cares that no one comes in contact with each other.

If this rule of social distancing finds broke in the gym then you can be sealed and fined on the gym owner. And if any gym is less than 1000 sq. yard then you can keep that gym closed.

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown - Social Distancing

2. Sanitization Of Gym

Coronavirus remains viable in aerosols for hours and on surfaces for days. Many types of researches illustrate the importance of cleaning and sanitizing, especially within a veterinary hospital, to limit the spread of the coronavirus. That’s a reason in every office and shop use of sanitizer for every guest is must.

You should make a rule of sanitization of the gym. For prevention from the virus, the gym should sanitize completely 2-3 times a day. Every gym member should use sanitizer in hands before and after using the new machines and dumbells.

If you are a gym owner then you should keep your all electronics machines shut down because they have a risk to damage due to sanitization.  

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown - Sanitization

3. Wear Mask And Glove

Wearing masks and gloves as a precaution against coronavirus is ineffective, unnecessary for the vast majority of people, and may even spread infections faster, experts said. Without mask and gloves, Permission should not be granted to enter the gym. Gym members, trainers, even sweepers Permission should not be granted to enter in gym without masks, gloves.

If any gym member forgot to wear masks and then the gym owner should arrange extra masks and gloves for them.

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown - Masks and gloves Allowed

4. Not Allowed Unhealthy People

A man should be employed outside the gym who checks the temperature of every man who enters the gym. And whose temperature finds high, Permission should not be granted to enter the gym.

Note:- Those people who are suffering from sugar, B.P, and cholesterol like serious problems, need to banned from the gym because those people’s immune systems have very low and have a lot of chances that they can easily come in contact with the coronavirus. This is the complete responsibility of the gym owner that in his gym not any unhealthy person entered.

Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown - Temprature Check

Overall Conclusion

This is the present voice of the gym owners/fitness industry that you should allow to open gyms in the metro cities. In the metro cities the rent of the gyms is very high and no one landlord ready to leave a single month, In addition gym owners paying EMI of the bank.

All these steps and Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown are mentioned above after discussing it with the experts. If gym is opened by following all these ways and rules then there is no danger of spreading coronavirus through the gym.

Final Words

These all ways and rules that are mentioned above for the gym trainers and the government. If you agree with these points then you can share this article till, it reaches the government.

#ForGovernment – If you are not want to open gyms in this lockdown then please take action on landlords and bank that forcing him to pay installment and rent. If rent and installment problem is resolved then 60 percent problem of the gym industry will resolved.

In real gym and overall fitness Industry in danger please take some actions. If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article(Ways Of Opening Gym In Lockdown).

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