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Fantastic Weight Loss Journey From 85 Kg To 57 – Success Story

Fantastic Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss Journey is one of the interesting stories that hear. 90 percent of people start their journey but only 10 percent of the people will able to complete their weight loss journey. In the time of digital world fat gain is very easy but weight loss is not very easy. In starting excitement people take strict steps toward the health but over a time he forgets all steps and starts spending life with their heavyweight. Here the healthcare blog team represents a weight loss journey of women who transforms his body by his regular routine.

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  • Weight Loss Journey (85 Kg To 57Kg)
  • Secrets of This Weight Loss Journey


Weight Loss Journey (85 Kg To 57Kg)

Name:- Cheetna Madaan

Occupation:- Teacher

Journey Time:- 6 Months

Lose Weight:- 85 Kg to 57 Kg Weight – 28 Kg


Previous Life When Weight 85 Kg

She belongs to a Punjabi family and you know that the Punjabi family is the very loving to the different types of food. When she gains the puberty at the age of 13 his weight starts increasing. She never controls on the food. She has a passion for eating junk and oily food in the regular routine. In his life, there is no schedule of eating food. At the age of 27, she never thinks about to do exercise in the regular routine.

From the age of 13 to 27 he gains a weight of 85 kg due to his improper food and no exercise schedule. But at this age, she is very sad due to his weight because at this stage his look becomes very worst. She is not able to dress according to his choice.

Fantastic Weight Loss Journey - 85 Kg


For starting any weight loss journey you need a strong pain(taunt) or realization from others. And she also suffers from these types of taunts from others. Due to this heavyweight, she faces the rejection of the jobs from many places and not able to finds her favorite groom. His friends aggravate him by saying fatty (Moti). She loves dressing and his brother is a fashion designer. She ordered a dress to his brother but brother rejected his order because she is very heavyweight and she was not able to wear this.

Fitness Journey (85 Kg To 57Kg)

After this realization, she starts his weight loss journey. His parents support him a lot for weight loss. She did not taste any type of junk food and oily food in the regular routine for 6 months. For exercise she never prefers to go in the gym, she always prefers to do in the park and complete 6000 steps with running and walking. She starts a new schedule of eating food.

In the morning after workout and yoga, she prefers to eat oats and type of seasonal fruit. In lunch, she prefers to take a heavy diet(chapatti+Vegtable+Rice+Vegetable salad). And at the dinner, she always to take very light food like soup, pulses water, eats green vegetable salad. She followed this schedule for the 6 months and finally, she gains the result of all his sacrifices and hard work. After the 6 months, she losed his 28 kg weight.

Fantastic Weight Loss Journey - 57 Kg

Secrets of This Weight Loss Journey

  • No Oily and Junk Food
  • Prefer to take no carbs. food
  • Doing yoga and jogging daily.
  • Motivated by Parents
  • Keep patience for results.
  • Follow every rule of weight loss daily.


Final Words

Losing 28 kg weight is not an easy task but hard work and sacrifice make this work is too easy. In starting you faces some problem but after 3-4 weeks you become very comfortable according to the new schedule. This weight loss schedule is very good of you to want to lose weight then you can follow this schedule for weight loss. My healthcare blog team also recommended this type of schedule for weight loss. For losing weight main two factors exercise and diet, if you are following both things in your regular schedule then my team guaranteed you also create a weight loss journey also.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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