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More Weightlifting Causes Death – With Evidence (Way to Prevent)

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Weightlifting is one of the most popular exercises around yours. 80 percent of the people who are doing the gym is interesting in the weight lifting and do it also.

In the gym and another competitive place, some dangerous incidents will cause which make this exercise dangerous. In the many videos, you see that to do any man who is doing weightlifting weight with a big weight. Approx 78 percent of the people do not know about the death reasons behind weightlifting.

In this article, you read about:-

  • Weightlifting causes death incidents with videos
  • Reason Behind the death during weightlifting
  • Way to prevent from these weightlifting deaths
  • Some FAQ Related weightlifting death

The proper explanation of every point of the weightlifting is here. In conclusion, you find your answer that you should do weightlifting or not.

Weightlifting Death (On the Spot)

In The Gym

  • With A Boy

His name is Tenni. In the month of August, he started to do weightlifting in the gym. But on 29 August 2019, he tried to do weightlifting with a heavyweight(more than its regular capacity – Approx Double). And After a single repetition on that day he caused a heart attack and got faint. After half an hour when the gym trainer visits near him, he founds dead.

Conclusion:- The main two reasons behind Tenni death are Overload and his weak muscles. 2-3 months in weight lifting counts in the beginning stage. And In the last of the first month, he broke all rules for the beginners and this becomes the main of tenni’s death.

weightlifting death - Boy


  •  With A Experienced Man

His name is Harper. Harper had more than 2 years of experience in weightlifting. On 28 September 2018, he tried to do deadlift with some extra weight. And in the first attempt, he felt black in the front of the eyes and after some time he got faint. Due to proper trainer surveillance he is safe now.

weightlifting death 2


#Note:- This is not possible that every mistake in the deadlift causes death. There are many people who lose lives due to dead lift.

During Heavy Weight Lifting you can you can also suffer from these problems:-

  • To Faint
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Heart Pain
  • Death
  • And Injuries

There are 30+ death incidents camera recorded video is mentioned below. In this video, all incidents of deaths/Faint due to weightlifting recorded carefully.


Reason Behind The Deaths/Faint During Weightlifting

There are many reasons for causing death during weight weightlifting but healthcare blog team finds 3 main reasons behind 80 percent weightlifting death.

1. Blood Circulation

  • Your blood circulation is one of the most important factors of the body. According to the doctors of AIIMS and in many scientific researches, When you lift heavy weight your mostly blood of your complete body comes in your hands and legs.
  • And when you leave the weight, A pressure of blood is build which affects your muscles of the Brain and Heart.
  • Due to this pressure generally, heat attack will be caused heart attack/Headache/Daziness/Faint.


2. Over Load

This is one of the other big mistakes of the weightlifters. Due to overload many weightlifters can cause serious injury or even caused death due to overload.

You should follow every rule of the weightlifting. In my point of view, you should keep a very slow increment in the weight of any exercise.

3. Mistakes

There is a lot of possibility of mistakes in every exercise of weight lifting. And every mistake in weightlifting can be very dangerous for you. Mistakes during weightlifting can cause any serious injury in the body parts.

These are the main three reasons behind 80 percent of weightlifting death/faint. And the rest 20 percent of getting faint/death due to weightlifting by these main reasons.

  • Weak Muscles
  • Not Good Will Power
  • Take Lightly
  • Do without warm-up


Way To Prevent From These Weightlifting Deaths

In all cases, you noticed that there is not any chance to reach the person to the hospital. So you should know about the way of treatment of this problem on the spot. In the 70 percent of the cases this way works.

The way is CPR. It is that type of method which can save the life of a person in some seconds. In many serious cases, it works. Every single step and complete working process of CPR is present in this picture below.

Way To Prevent From These Weightlifting Death - CPR

In India, special training given to all gym trainers to handle this situation. According to new data, 40 percent of the gym trainers(without Degree Trainers) do not about the C.P.R.. This is a very serious issue. The government should be taken serious steps regarding gym trainer’s improper knowledge or you should do weightlifting in the surveillance of that coach/trainer who knows about C.P.R completely.

According to healthcare blog team this is one of the best trick to save the person’s life by weightlifting accident. If the hospital in the range of 3-5 minutes distance then you can take patient to the hospital directly, if not then you should try C.P.R. first.


Some FAQ Related Weightlifting Death

Question:- Can you die from weight lifting?

Answer:- Yes, if you can do weightlifting more than your capacity, doing big mistakes.

Question:- Why is weightlifting bad for you?

Answer:– Weightlifting is not completely bad for you. Over weight lifting is dangerous and bad for you. Doing weightlifting with a specific weight is good for you.

Question:- Can weight lifting cause heart attack?

Answer:– Yes, 90 percent of people who died due to the weightlifting whose postmortem report says, It died due to a heart attack. And this heart attack is caused due to the instant increase of blood pressure in the body after weightlifting.

Question:- What is the average deaths per year due to weightlifting?

Answer:- Between 1990 and 2007, over 970,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for weightlifting. And about 50 percent of the people will die and about 50 percent will safe by treatments of C.P.R.

Question:- How you prevent from this death?

Answer:- In the gym, if anyone suffered from this accident then for those the best and only way to relief intantly is C.P.R.. It is that method which works fast but overall in 60 percent cases it works.

Question:- You Should Do Weightlifting Or Not?

Answer:- You are a little confused about that in weightlifting there is a lot of risk of life. Then you should do weightlifting or not. According to me and my team, you should do weightlifting BUT with following all rules and safety procedures of the weightlifting exercises.

Final Words

There is no doubt that weightlifting has unbelievable benefits but there are some risks in this exercise. In my point of view if you doing weightlifting with controlled weight and all rules then you will never suffer from any serious accident or injury from weightlifting. I hope/wish you will never suffer from any small/big injury of the weightlifting.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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