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Top 3 Worst Food In Your Kitchen(100%) – Avoid to Stay Healthy

Worst Food In Your Kitchen

“Worst Food In Your Kitchen” – After hearing this line you really in tension that In my kitchen how these worst food enters and I am using these worst food or not. There are almost 99.8 percent of kitchens in the world that are using these worst products in the kitchen. For stay healthy, you should avoid these top Worst Food In Your Kitchen.

The trend of these top 3 worst products in India increasing day by day. For stay healthy you should know about these products and you should avoid these products for stay healthy and fit.

In this article, you read about

  • Top 3 Worst Food In Kitchen
  • Replacing Of Worst Food 

Complete details of why these food counts in the worst food list you find here.

Worst Food In Kitchen

1. Vegetable Oil

This is one of the demanded and most using the product of the kitchen. Every time when you made any type of dish, you used this product. This is the main ingredient of any dish.

There are many types of oils in the market like corn oil, sunflower oil, hydrogenated oil, refined oil, soyabean oil and mustard oil. All these types of oils that are mentioned are refined by many chemicals. These oils are converted into trans fat while cooking and trans fat is dangerous for your heart and kidney. You finds all these oils in the cheap price but the health benefits of these types of oils are Zero.

Worst Food In Your Kitchen - Vegetable Oil

2. White Flour (Maida)

This is that product which is also used in the kitchen. Generally Bread, Noodles, flour many special dishes, In biscuits, Namkeen, etc. contain white flour. The main problem with the white flour is that it does not contain any special kind of nutrient to keep your body fit. According to science, all-white flour converted into fat, if you are regularly consuming white flour then you face serious digestion problems.

Worst Food In Your Kitchen - White Flour

3. Soft Drinks

For the taste and extra passion people using this product. In the summer season, the consumption of the soft drinks increases by 80 percent in people’s regular life. In the family meet-up, guests welcome, function, friends meet up and for taste, people used soft drinks. In the house, small children very liked to drink soft drinks.

All these Soda and soft drinks contain Phosphoric acid, carbonated acid, and cheap level sugar. In the soft drinks, the sugar level is at the top. In 300 ml of any soft drink contains 5 teaspoons of sugar approximately. Regular use of soft drinks can cause the problem of fatty liver, weight gain, Type II diabetes and bones & teeth weakness.

Worst Food In Your Kitchen - Soft Drinks

Replacing Of Worst Food 

These are the top 3 worst food in the kitchen that you should ignore if you want to stay healthy and fit. In your mind, a question comes that if We not use this product in the kitchen then which products you should use in the replacement of these worst foods.

In replacement of vegetable oil, you can use desi ghee(Pure Home Made), coconut oil and unchemical refined oil.

In replacement of White Flour, you can use pure wheat flour products and for chapati, you can buy pure wheat flour direct from the farmers.

In replacement of Soft Drinks, you can use fruits and vegetables drinks. And vegetables and fruits is too much tastier and healthier than soft drinks. There is some fruit juice that is cheaper than soft drinks and his taste is very impressive.

These are that food that you can choose in replacing these types of worst foods. Sometimes eating these worst food not effects you too much your health but eating in the regular schedule are founds harmful to you.

Final Words

You find here the top 3 Worst Food In Your Kitchen. After knowing this about the Worst Food In Your Kitchen, you should removed these types of food.

If you have any doubt regarding this and you want any personal advice related this then so you can send me a message in Contact Us without any hesitation. I personalize solved your problem-related health care blog and from this article.

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